Dublin, Ireland.

Dublin, Ireland.

Leaving to Europe today for one month.. Unreal. Wish me luck and safety!

I don’t have much, but you know what I do have? I have a big fucking heart, just this huge gigantic heart and it’s filled with love, kindness, pride, passion, adventure, sympathy, happiness, and excitement. I can love you so fucking hard with this huge heart of mine, and won’t hate you one bit if you break it, because you know what? My huge fucking gigantic heart will heal. You may break it, scar it, or even stump all over but this heart will heal. This huge gigantic fucking heart is made for loving and being kind not hating an incompetent asshole who couldn’t love my heart back. So before you try to shatter my huge fucking gigantic heart think twice about it.

—Ranting on my off day. (via thelowercasek)

(via amberdaleshaw)

I missed you for so long. Now that you’re back I realize it wasn’t you I miss, that person doesn’t exist anymore. I wish I could wipe away the memories because I’ll never have them back.

I will never view you as perfect again.